Blaupunkt Radio code

My Blaupunkt Carolina DJ50 radio is locked and I don’t know the code.
Can you get the code for me ?

Obtaining the code for the Blaupunkt Carolina is not a problem if you follow this link.

If you have previously entered the wrong number and the radio is locked, then leave it switched on with the ignition on and it should reset after 2 hours. If it does not reset after this time, then please let me know.

Dave Watts

Radio code

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Marc Stennett

I have a newer Continental radio that i need a code for:
Can you help?
Fiat: 250 fl vp2 ece nav no cd


Marc, No problems at all – We can decode the Fiat 250 VP2 via our fully automated website – please click here for details

Dave Watts

Radio code for a Minii

I have a BMW Mini Traffic Pro which is locked, and I can’t get working
Got a code for it?

No problems at all. The BMW Traffic Pro made by Becker can be decoded via our fully automated online code services Рhave a look here for information and a solution

Dave Watts

Jeep Wrangler

Do you have a code for a Jeep Wrangler 2001?

We can certainly decode the Chrysler NTG4 series via our fully automated website

please follow this link for details

Dave Watts

Jeep Cherokee radio code

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Hi there,
my radio is locked on my Jeep Cherokee, 2014 model.
Picture attached
Can you decode send me a code to unlock it?

Hi Gary, that picture looks like it is a Jeep VP4 radio you have fitted there. If you remove that screen, there are some numbers on the back that can be used to get a code via our fully automated site – follow this link for more details

Dave Watts