Blaupunkt Radio code

My Blaupunkt Carolina DJ50 radio is locked and I don’t know the code.
Can you get the code for me ?

Obtaining the code for the Blaupunkt Carolina is not a problem if you follow this link.

If you have previously entered the wrong number and the radio is locked, then leave it switched on with the ignition on and it should reset after 2 hours. If it does not reset after this time, then please let me know.

Dave Watts

Radio code

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Marc Stennett

I have a newer Continental radio that i need a code for:
Can you help?
Fiat: 250 fl vp2 ece nav no cd


Marc, No problems at all – We can decode the Fiat 250 VP2 via our fully automated website – please click here for details

Dave Watts

Radio code for a Minii

I have a BMW Mini Traffic Pro which is locked, and I can’t get working
Got a code for it?

No problems at all. The BMW Traffic Pro made by Becker can be decoded via our fully automated online code services – have a look here for information and a solution

Dave Watts

Jeep Wrangler

Do you have a code for a Jeep Wrangler 2001?

We can certainly decode the Chrysler NTG4 series via our fully automated website

please follow this link for details

Dave Watts

Jeep Cherokee radio code

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Hi there,
my radio is locked on my Jeep Cherokee, 2014 model.
Picture attached
Can you decode send me a code to unlock it?

Hi Gary, that picture looks like it is a Jeep VP4 radio you have fitted there. If you remove that screen, there are some numbers on the back that can be used to get a code via our fully automated site – follow this link for more details

Dave Watts

The Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is a line of American vehicles sold by Jeep under various vehicle classes. Originally sold as a variant of the popular Jeep Wagoner, the Cherokee has evolved from a full-size suv to one of the first compact suvs and eventually into its current incarnation as a crossover suv. The nameplate has been in continuous use in some form since 1974 and also spawned Jeep’s most successful vehicle, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was originally slated to be part of the Cherokee’s lineup. The vehicle is named after the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans.

One of the Navigation systems often found fitted is known as the MyGig or REW NTG4 made by Becker under license from Chrysler.

The good news is, that if you ever need a radio code for this model, then we can help you via our Instant Radio Code Services.

Close to 100% of Jaguar Radios Codes Automatically

Codes for Jaguar Radios
Codes for Jaguar Radios

Good news, now now it’s true that we can find the code for nearly 100% of the Jaguar radios just from the serial number found on the side of the unit, even if you are using one of the more obscure Mini Disc systems.

When you contact us take a quick look at the label for the exact model number as we have found over 120 different models of Jaguar radio listed on our database, and each one was fitted as standard!

Close to 100% of Jaguar Radios can now be decoded via our fully automated Code Recovery Services and cover Jaguar vehicles worldwide.

Turn Your Jeep Wrangler into a Camper

Jeep Hard Top Camper Replacement

This turns a Jeep Wrangler into a versatile off-road camper, with a sleek, streamlined profile that minimizes wind noise, maintains fuel economy and adds only 10 inches to the height

Jeep Pop Up Camper Roof
Jeep Pop Up Camper Roof

Decode your Landrover FL3

The Freelander by Landrover is often fitted with a Radio CD Player called a FL3 or FL5 CDX6 Europe.  These often have the Becker Traffic Pro Navigation system fitted as a later addition.

Whether you need a decode for any of these, or the older Philips Cassette system, our automated code recovery services can help you.

Here is a link to get your FL3 decoded

 Land Rover Land Rover FL5 CDX6 EUROPE
Land Rover Land Rover FL5 CDX6 EUROPE